Recent buyers: Lead time?

I’m going to be ordering my X-Carve (finally) this Wednesday, and considering the 2-week lead time mentioned on the main page I was impressed when someone recently stated that their X-Carve came two days after ordering (ie: it was shipped out the same day they ordered).

I’m just curious what sort of ETA other people have experienced recently who’ve bought an X-Carve. You’ll have to forgive my anxiousness, I’ve been waiting to order my machine for over over a month now.

I got mine within 2 days. I ordered just before the sale however so components may be in shorter supply currently. So far it’s going well. I would recommend reading and watching the tutorials on tuning the machine especially adjusting voltage and belt tension.

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I ordered mine during the flurry of Black Friday deals and it was shipped out about 4/5 days later.

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I ordered mine the last day of the sale and it should be here this Thursday, although I am in Western Canada on Vancouver Island.

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Oh, I’ve got a giant todo list of tips/tricks and various mods/enhancements that I’ve been filling up for the past few weeks since I settled on the X-Carve as my go-to machine or the project I am embarking upon. I’m not leaving anything to chance on this :wink: Thanks!

Ordered last day of sale, still no shipping notice

Update - Just got my shipping notice (12-15-2015)

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Ouch! I’d be super anxious! Did you order anything extra that’s out of the ordinary in particular? I’m sure they’re just out of one thing that they’re waiting to receive to include in your order. I’m skipping the wasteboard because it’s an added 250 bucks that I’d rather spend on aluminum and cutters :wink: for my initial machine setup I’m just going to pick up one of these and make it work in the meantime:|0&pl=1

Ordered Nov 26 and it shipped Dec 4… received about 6 days later (Vancouver Canada).

I ordered on November 15th and everything except for the spindle/mount was delivered on November 19th the spindle and mount was delivered on 12/4. I’m on the east coast. It was pretty good IMHO. Slightly longer than two weeks but I got a majority of the machine really fast so I was able to build most of the machine before the final part arrived.

You folks have no idea what anticipation really is.

I ordered mine last may and it took4 weeks !!!

(I also remember walking up hill both ways to school, and only one of us kids could go per day since there was only one pair of shoes between us) <<< BS >>>

But zach and the gang have really stepped it up since then.

Enjoy the build and the learning process.

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Just got my UPS tracking number :smiley: it will be here Thursday

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Awesome! Whenabouts did you order your machine ?

I purchased my X-Carve last week (12/8/2015) and still no shipping notice :frowning:

Oh bummer, so it looks like when I order mine I won’t be getting it for xmas if Inventables is that bogged down :frowning:

Oh well, it will still be awesome when I finally do get it. I wish I could pay extra just to have it expedited.

I ordered mine on the 7th and nothing yet.

what’s included in your order? if you don’t mind me asking.

I ordered the 1000mm fully loaded

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Well I guess I spoke too soon. I got an email tonight saying that it shipped. No expected delivery date yet.

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Thanks for the update! So it would seem the ship time is ~9 days for everybody that ordered at the tail end of the black friday sale and the following week. I’m sure that if you’re in the states you will receive it in 2-4 days, depending on how heavy holiday packages are this year. Last year it was truly ridiculous, I remember that.

I was hoping that the Inventables crew would have been catching up over the past week and that the time from order placement to shipment would get narrower everyday as they caught up. I placed my order (so excited) at 1am this morning after going over my order list for 3 final hours, which was put together over the previous 2+ weeks. I also have a table setup on the way and a little shopvac to deal with the tiny metal engravings I will be producing, mainly just to clear them from the workpiece and prevent the cutter and work from being ruined.

I’ve spent a lot of time scouring and examining every bit of information I could find about the X-Carve, and also hunting down any information about using it for anything similar to what I am doing, and am totally confident in my purchase. That is to say that I am extremely confident that I will be able to do everything necessary customizing and modding the machine so as to be able to do the highly specialized work I plan to do with it. I could have easily gone with a Shapeoko3, but I did not want to be limited to that size of a work space. Plus, this community by itself is an invaluable resource to have with something as variable as the X-Carve, and has contributed greatly to my faith in being able to utilize the X-Carve in the way I intend to.

Oh man, I hope mine ships soon! I’ve been waiting to do this work since the beginning of November!

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Today, after 1 month, I received my package however only got the rail kit instead of the 1000mm fully loaded minus the waste board :frowning:
It was sent in 2 different packages and the other one seems to be in customs clearance, hope it is released soon :confused: