Recent carves- Height chart/Topo Map/Bit holder

Just sharing a couple of my recent projects.

Height chart for our daughter. 3/4" oak. I have a 500x1000mm X-carve so I did 2 ft at a time with an 1/8" endmill and just kept sliding it down. Stained, hand painted letters(ugh…), then polyurethane.

Fathers day present for my Dad of the lake their cabin is on. 1/8" end mill again in 1" Padauk at 32"/min. Came back with a 60 degree v-bit for front and back text generated from F-engrave. No stain. Just polyurethane that I didn’t take my time with so I ended up with some bubbles. Altogether about 2 hours cut time.

Lastly, today I wanted an easy project so I figured it was time for a bit holder. I quickly mashed together two designs from the project page and grabbed a scrap 2x8. I ended up having to drill out the 1/4" holes because my machine seems to be off a touch on it’s circles. Same with the hold-down bolts holes but I think they were designed for 5mm and mine are 6mm. This also means the heads are a little too close but staggering takes care of it.


Nice work Adam, what did you do to make sure you were in the exact spot when you moved the ruler to tile that carve?

Honestly I just eyeballed it. I put the center of a line I’d already cut at the zero position in easel and then delete that line. This way if I’m off at all when trying to zero the bit in the middle of the line it wouldnt matter because I’m not cutting it again. Worst I can be off is 1/16th or so but you’d never see it anyway.

Hey a fellow Michigander!

Where did you get the topo map of the lake?

Beautiful place; just a shortage of computer engineering jobs on it’s west coast. Otherwise move back there in a heartbeat.

I don’t remember exactly but this is the same image I traced off of: