Reception Desk Top

Earlier this Month I finished a Reception Desk Top for a Trade Show in Las Vegas that the company I work for has a booth at. The desk is supposed to mimic a precast concrete mold, we sell the large vibrators mounted on the side.
I wanted to dress up the top a little so I got a slab of 2" thick poplar and cut the half moon profile and the inlay out on the xcarve. Then routed the edges with a 1/2" round over bit and finished with a thick layer of bar top epoxy. The walnut inlay was 1/4" deep and turned out really nice for my first inlay. The epoxy hid a lot of the flaws.

I’m pretty proud of this bad boy so I thought I’d share


Great Job, I have done some display work in my day and this is a job well done.

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Did you use a chisel for the sharp corners for the inlay?
Great job gets.

I just modified the logo so I could use a 1/8" EM. There aren’t actually any sharp corners.