Recipe Box

Anyone have or come across good plans for a recipe box? My wife dropped a hint today that she would like one. Looks like most that you see online hold index cards.

Try this, if you download the free trial you can open the files

Paradise box

you can juggle the size to fit the cards

Thanks Neal, I was actually looking at the Finger Joint Box on that site as I have VCarve Pro.

just out of curiosity i know that recipe box works with the vcarve pro trial edition but i have vcarve desktop would it work with that also?

Yes it does work, desktop edition have only work area limitations as far as I know.

What bit and feed rate did you use? I have done some of the projects on there and they don’t turn out so well and I’m wondering if it’s the feed rate or bits I’m using

The other option, is to make a very simple box, but make it out of some wood that is nicely figured or has an interesting grain. The carved boxes can look really nice, but sometimes they can look a little overdone.

Don’t have any pictures I can use as suggestions at the moment, but googling wooden recipe box will give you a few hundred thousand examples.

Actually, yes I do (although it’s not a recipe box).

I made a box for my router bits. Birdseye Jarrah top, Orange Osage sides, double layer floor (top drilled to hold the bits).

I was going to engrave the top, but I liked the look look of the wood more than anything I’d be able to cut into it.

I’ll probably chamfer or do something to the edge of the lid as soon as I can find my router table under all the junk in the shed…

I used the XCarve to cut the holes for the bits in the floor, but the finger joints were done the old fashioned way - my XCarving skill isn’t good enough for that.