Recommendations for additional tools/parts

So I’m close to hitting the order button on a fully loaded 1000cm X-Carve. I’ve seen some conversations here in the forum about crimping tools and wiring looms, but since I don’t have the kit yet, it’s hard to envision what’s really a necessity, and what would be a nice option.

So what additional tools or accessories would you recommend to make the build process better/easier, and to make the finished machine better or more reliable?

John -

Read through this thread -

There are about 70 post, but you can look for some of the photos which will give you good direction.

When I assembled mine I used heat shrink tubing, crimp on fork terminals (rather than bare wire into the wire strips) and some expandable wire sleeve to keep things tidy. Other than that everything was included in the kit.

Good Luck.


There was a lengthy thread on this on the Shapeoko forums which is linked to from the Tools page on the Shapeoko wiki: — “What else should I have on hand?”