Recommended belt static side length?

How long should this side be?:

I am wondering how far the whole carriage is going to move until they are a problem

Mine aren’t much longer, but I hold the belt teeth in place by sliding a zip tie through and squeezing them together. This is a common mod in the forums. :slight_smile:

I use heat shrink to secure mine.

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But is 30 mm enough?

Optimal length is 1.538 inches (+/- .25 inches)

I’ve just got to ask, where’d that number come from? :smile:

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No way! that will cause the last tooth to only partially engage

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Thats the kind of specific number I am looking for, even if is bullst. Makes my assembly more confident; however being in imperial units also makes me think it is a poorly accurate kind of bullst.

I’m going to use 35 mm.


That’s about what I have. I then zip tied it and I haven’t’ had any issues.