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Evening All!
I am getting on really well with my new cnc - great fun and just set up a business to start with it!
I have a question about the best bit for a project. I want to carve out a large pocket (say, 300mm x 400mm) in some 40mm thick pine. This will be about 10mm deep to enable me to lay out some metal objects in the pocket and fill with clear resin. The largest bit I have at the minute is a 6mm upcut but at this size Easel simulates an 8 hour plus carve!! I want to buy a bigger bit for this purpose but not sure which type to get?
I thought of a 1 inch surfacing bit but not sure if they will do the initial plunge and may burn out after a few uses. I have 4mm, 6mm, 1/4 inch and 1/8 inch collets at the moment so would like to find a bit that fits one of these. Any advice is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

If this is a regular X-Carve (not X-Carve Pro) then I would probably go with a 1/4" bit. That size bit should allow for pretty decent feeds/speeds to clear the pocket. For normal design carving operations, a 1/4" bit is typically the largest I would use. Plunging with surfacing bits, unless they are specifically designed with that in mind, is not recommended, could end in disaster, and at a minimum, result in premature tool degradation.


Brandon Parker

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Many thanks Brandon - sound advice as always

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