Recommended spare parts for the X-Carve?

I am still finishing the assembly of my machine but would like to take advantage of the Black Friday special and order some spare parts for my 1000X1000 machine.

What are some of the commonly needed or nice to have spare parts for an X-Carve?

The only must have I can think of is spare belt. There do seem to be a few people who have managed to break one.

First thing I broke was a Z limit switch :smiley:

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I have not finished building my machine yet. But Limit Switches seems to be a piece that I see several individuals needing to replace bc of accidental breakages.

Excellent idea Ryan. I have seen where several people break the limit switches. Will add them to my list.

Limit switches.
Belt (12 ft minimum).
M5 T-nuts.
M5 Bolts (10mm and 12mm).
M5 Washers.
Pulley screws.
Bits of all types.

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It sounds like the best spare parts plan might be to learn to live without limit switches. For me (and I don’t know what I am doing wrong) they are completely unnecessary.

I was in the same boat until I needed a repeatable position for part nests. Home is that place! Z home is useless to me, though.