Reconfigure the X-Controller

Has anybody reconfigured the X-Controller so that the power switch is at the front, and the usb port is at the rear?

Moving the USB connector would be easy, you’d just need a USB-micro extension.

Moving the power switch would be a little tricky, since it’s built into the power cable reciever assembly. You might be able to break that connection, and wire up a second switch in-line that you located at the front of the X-Controller. Be careful going that route, though, since you’re messing with mains lines.

If you decided to give it a shot, you could use the X-Carve to make yourself nice looking new end plates for the X-Controller. :slight_smile:

Thanks cg. You bring up some good points. I’ll think about it a bit more.

Regarding the second part, I bypassed the USB pigtail (which was giving me random connection problems) and routed a direct USB cable to the back.