Recover from selecting new home position


I use Easel as a g-code sender and there have been a couple of times when doing a repetitive carve that I have selected “Confirm New Home Position” instead or “Use Last Home Position”.

Is there anyway to recover from this? I do not use the X0, Y0 as my home but rather either the bottom left corner or the center of the workpiece. I know that I can rehome manually but by doing it by eye means that something will be off by just a bit.



Easel do not support “resume” after resetting the XYZ.

In your specific example you have only lost Z if accidentally click “Confirm New…” So if you can manually reset Z you are good.

Do you have homing switches installed?


I had lost all - X, Y and Z as I moved the spindle out of the way to change the workpiece out.

I do not have homing switches and they would not work in my case as I use a position on the workpiece as home.


If you moved by jogging the bit out of the way then work zero is maintained and you click “Use last home pos.”
If you accidentally click “Confirm home pos.” then you are lost, unless you know the distance travelled away from first home position. Like 2" up (Z) and 5" X & Y.

If you have homing switches installed, you have a consistent machine reference point, and home position (work zero) will be maintained despite power downs etc. For repetive carves or you need to resume this is golden.

Work flow is as follows:

  • Power machine up, perform a homing cycle - this establish a machine reference point
  • Jog spindle to your work zero point - Home Position, choose “Confirm Home position” and carve.
  • Once part#1 is complete, jog the bit out the way, insert part#2 and click Carve/Use last home.

If the carve is interrupted, halted or aborted or otherwise tampered with:

  • Redo the homing cycle, click Carve and click “Use previous home” and restart the carving.

With homing switches enabled you can also assign two parking spots, G28 and G30 which also will be stored.
This allow you to choose say two start positions and you can alter between them as seen fit.

Doing receptive carves, use bump stops and homing switches. Its a breeze :slight_smile:

Just to confirm…is the Home Position retained after power down/power up cycle? I have been following your suggested work flow for quite some time now, with the exception that after I start a new session each day with a homing cycle, I have been re-establishing the work zero point at my bump stop.
I recall a post a couple of weeks back where PhillipLunsford (I believe) commented that he had some negative results using “Use Last Home Position”. Perhaps I am being too cautious???


If you did the following:

  • Perform a homing cycle
  • Place a square piece of sheeting covering your wasteboard and slightly beyond your intended X/Y position and in-situ carve your bump stop. (plus relief hole in the corner)

This center point will now be your persistent work zero location. (You can also write down the distance from machine zero for future reference)

So if you carve today and will carve more tomorrow simply power everything down for the day, and power up tomorrow, re-home and click Use Previous Home. If you click wrong, re-home again.

Work zero (and G28 / G30) are stored as offset values, so when you have a fixed reference point (homing switches) these points will be consistent within the precision of your switches.

Thanks Neil and Haldor!!!