Red highlighting in welcome to Easel project

Just got my X-Carve finished today and at first Easel popped up a warning about not being able to carve everything with the current bit size. I enlarged the drawing and reduced the bit size and the message went away, but the last letter of my name still shows up red. What does that indicate and how do I fix it?

On some letters in some fonts there are serifs or small like thicknesses that are smaller than the diameter of the bit selected.

Your best option to carve these details is to use a bit with a smaller diameter or sometimes an engraving bit that comes to a point at the tip is the best way to go. You can also enlarge the font until the bit can carve it.

You can click show toolpaths and see how much of the letter you will actually get. Sometimes you won’t care about what it can’t carve.

In this case the entire letter was marked in red when the other letters were not, and remained so even though I enlarged it quite significantly and changed the bit selected to 1/16. This is with the default font for the “Intro to Easel” project so there were no serifs, but if it had been just a part of the letter that would have made sense, but it was the entire letter.

Can you please share the link to the Easel file so I can take a look?

It looks like I can’t. I deleted that project last night and am unable to reproduce it today. Don’t know if it was a glitch in the software or me.

OK. If the issue comes up again then share the link and I’ll take a look.

I have a similar problem. I tried making a sign as a first ‘easy’ project. I chose Lavenderia as a font and selected a 1/16" bit. I received the warning that the current bit was too large. I went ahead anyway and completed the project. As you said above, the serifs were all left out. So, I tried a 1/32" bit but this broke instantly. I tried increasing the size of the lettering until the warning went away but this left the finished sign much bigger than I wanted. The sign I wanted was 11" x 2" x 1/2". Is there any way to do this?

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