Red Oak optimal Endmill/Speeds and Feeds

I have some 1/4"Red Oak from Orchard Supply Hardware that I plan in cutting almost all the way through on my X-Carve with stock spindle, gluing to another material and then sanding the reverse side to keep the alignment of the cuts. I have the 30264-02 End Mill Starter Set. What would be the best End Mill in this pack to cut the Red Oak, and what speeds and feeds should I use?

EDIT: Here is the project I am working from:

For hardwood with a 1/8 inch bit and the stock spindle I would use a feedrate between 30 and 40 ipm, a spindle speed between 3 and 5 thousand rpm and a DOC of .05 inch. With the stock spindle it is better to be conservative.

A downcut flat bottom endmill should work fine for your project. Just be sure you vacuum the sawdust out of the cut.

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