Reduce safety height

Can we please have the option to reduce the safety height below 3.81mm (0.15 inch).

Obviously it would have a “Are you really sure?” dialog plus warning in the Carve step through.

Main reason is to greatly reduce the amount of time a complex engraving job takes. Some of mine spend so much time raising and lowering the Z while moving between letters etc.

I’d suggest that having an optional safety height of say 0.5mm would be more than enough assuming a skilled user with a pre-levelled work piece.



What program you’re using, V-Carve pro have option for retract height and safety height options.

I’d assume he is using Easel.

Yes, feature request for Easel.

I can of course export GCode, modify in an editor, send via UGS/Chillipepr etc. but I’m trying to improve Easel. :smile:



Hi @IanWatkins,

You can change the safety height under the “Advanced” section of the Machine settings:

Note that this setting is associated with the project, so when you start a new project it will be set to the default 0.15" safety height.


Thanks @rodovich

Just tried it now and it works. I think what I was doing was setting it to 0.5mm, then moving to another project and that setting wasn’t maintained, hence I thought it wasn’t working/there was a minimum you could set it to. Actually, that makes sense in case you forget.

So, sorry for that, nothing to see here, whistles:wink: