Reduced project size

Hi, my first post for a new interest.
Could someone please point me in the right direction.
When I do a design in Easel, then generate a code , and open in G-Code, I get a design of the correct dimensions, in the visualizer, when the design is cut, it is only about 20% of the size, but correctly cut.
I must have a setting wrong, but, which setting, and where is it.
Please could someone give me a clue.

Yes, first ever carve, get the feeling I need to do some calibration.
I take it there is some information on here.
Thanks for super fast reply.

I’m a little confused. If you are designing in easel, why are you generating g-code? Just go to carve. The preview should show what you project will look like.

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Sorry, I’m totally confused now, just been following a setup on YouTube.
This guy exported to GCode.
Need to take a step back.

Easel is your gcode sender. No need to generate gcode if designing in easel. It’s done. Go to carve and follow the steps

Sounds like a microstepping issue or a inches vs mm issue.