Reducing file size

When i try to reduce the file size in theMesh Simplification link suggested nothing seems to happen after I upload the file, set the percentage reduction and click simplify. This log info shows up:

  • Going to simplify Owl.stl
  • Mesh Simplification (C)2014 by Sven Forstmann in 2014, MIT License (32-bit)
  • loading stl
  • loading binary stl

Does it just take a long time or what? I tried to use MeshMixer but can’t understand it’s workings. I have a 294MB file from Etsy that I was able to reduce enough(too much) to load into Easel Pro but am trying to better understand the process. In addition the purple box did not encompass the entire work piece. Is there a way to change that? I am a newbie to 3D so don’t understand much. I did watch the webinar. Thanks for any help.


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Is it a STL file because if not it will not work

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Yeah. I tested 4 out today in the 300-315mb range and they all failed… the inventables team is working on the easiest solution for larger files like this, a couple options right now are blender or meshlab but youll have to do a little math to determine what triangle count youll need to bring the file sizd under that 100mb ceiling…so not the easiest solution and requires installing more software…

Yes it is an STL file.

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I was able to reduce a file that was 198mb down to 100mbs, but I had one that was over 300mb and it failed. So I guess it has a limit on file size it can do.

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