Reducing x-axis chatter

My XCarve still chatters/stutters when doing “climb” cuts along the x-axis for 3D milling jobs. I’ve stiffened all three axes, the belts and currents are optimized, and the v-wheels are well adjusted.

I have discovered that using “conventional” direction cutting with 40% step-over has virtually eliminated the chatter problems on a variety of hard materials like red oak and phenolic. The CNC literature points out many advantages of climb cutting. But after trying to make it work for months, I’ve decided to use only the conventional direction (not climb) for roughing and pocketing on XCarve.

Anyone else have thoughts on this?

I read an article recently from CNC Cookbook about climb milling on smaller machines.

“Since micro-mills are particularly susceptible to deflection, a conventional milling approach is preferred since deflection will be along the tool path and not into the workpiece.”

It may be that there isn’t anything you can do to compensate for the base structure of the XCarve when considering climb milling.

I have the 500mm XCarve, have stiffened my x-axis with a steel plate, have an aluminum bed I clamp my parts to, and I still get terrible results with climb milling.