Reflashing X Carve Pro GRBL firmware

I have been using my XCP for some time now and I normally use Openbuilds Control as my sender. A few days ago I connected to easel and it offered an update to my XCP firmware and I accepted it without much thought. After updating, I went to run a tool path via OBC, but it was giving me an error saying the firmware was not compatible. Does anyone know how to roll back the firmware, or how to re-flash the controllers firmware to a compatible version of GRBL?

The new firmware changed the baud rate to 5600 rather than the 115,200 it was prior and OBC is not compatible with the slower 56k baud rate setting. I know a few other OBC XCP users who called up support and had them remote into their PC and re-install the prior released version that will change it back to 115,200.

It would be nice if there were a record of change log for things like this so that at least you know what the changes are from revision to revision prior to installing it… (you should mention this on the phone call)


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