Good morning Makers. While waiting for my machine to spit out a set of Paw Paw’s bump stops last night, I was reminded how blessed we are to have this community. Thank you ALL for your guidance and advice; direct and INDIRECT. Whether you’ve been CNC’ing for years and share expert advice, or ask a (stupid) question and get a solid response from someone, everybody wins. Got my machine for Christmas. My girlfriend jokes that she’s sorry because of all the time and money I’ve invested to get up to speed. I recently bought a Triquetra auto zero touch plate. Had a couple hiccups in getting set up. Charlie couldn’t have been any more supportive, by email and phone. Not used to that type of service. For anyone new to X Carve, or thinking about purchasing one… know that the machine may be a little pricey for some folks, but the community here is INVALUABLE. Thanks again to you ALL. Have a blessed day.


You are so right! The forum is great. I think you’ll like the bump stops


I’m really impressed with the welcoming and helpful tone of this forum. If someone posts here with a problem, members work to figure it out and help them fix it. And if someone is just really pleased with their project and wants to show it off, other members are so supportive and encouraging, no matter the experience or skill level of the person who shared. It’s just a great atmosphere.


Great reflection. Could not agree more!