Relay control box

I should know by now not to speak in general terms. So, here are the specifics:

I looked up the Inventables relay and it’s specification for turn on is 7.5 ma at 12 volts. I have not been able to find what the relationship is between input voltage and current for this relay. The data sheets that I looked at did not have graphs showing this relationship.

A closely matched relay (SSR-25DA) with a better data sheet does have the relationship documented. This relay requires 7 ma to trigger.

Here it is:

So, for this particular relay the 5 volt signal from the ATmaga328P (either Arduino or X-controller PWM or X-controller 0 - 10 V) should be fine.

What confuses me is that I have several sources (with Oscilloscopes) that say a 5 volt input will not get a full A/C cycle out of these relays.

Since I don’t have an oscilloscope that will take a 110 vac signal, I have to fall back to the datasheet.

I stand corrected when referring to this relay.

You guys are the awesomest bunch of geeks on the interwebs!!! I had a problem and in a day it got worked out and we now have an answer with data to prove it!! I’m glad I bought this CNC machine because of this forum!! now if you guys could just convince my wife that it was a good idea I will be in good shape!:smile: thank you guys for all the help!

just noticed this emoji :zach: … a little weirded out… not gonna lie…


Want to impress your wife? Start by browsing projects.

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No, Not a problem.

It gave me a little push to investigate further. Led to better information. Always a good thing.

Hey all, I’m attempting to run the same setup y’all have done here, but on the gcode side of things the M3 S12500 command starts up everything, but then after 1 or 2 seconds, the connection is lost and the spindle turns off.

I’m using Universal GCode Sender using the following settings:

Port: COM4
Baud: 115200
Firmware: GRBL

Any help or direction is appreciated!

Try the Spindle (PWM) Terminal instead of the Spindle (0-10V) one.

Not being in the market for the 110V IoT Solution I had to make my own which didn’t work at first but after 1-2 changes, one of which was hooking it to the Spindle (PWM) Terminal, it started working just fine.

IOT Relay Question?
How does this wire up with the X-Controller for the X-Carve. I am a teacher and I have to pause and shut off the router every evening for my students projects. I was wondering how difficult it is to wire up the the X-Carve?

Thank you

2 wires. Very easy

how did you hook it up?

Jan are you using Easel?
And how do you have your IOT wired?
Please advise,
Martin Gutzmer

I do not use Easel at all.
I strictly use Vcarve desktop.
Instead of trying to explain, I thought I would just post a couple of pictures.
I hope this helps you out.
The first picture shows the IOT on its own 20A circuit.

The second pictures shows the connection on the IOT

The third picture shows the connection on the bac of the X controller.

I’ve been using this relay for a month with no problems now all of a sudden when I turn on my power strip and power the relay every so often the relay powers on the router and dust collection for a split second and shuts off. My dust collection is grounded and everything is run in to a dedicated surge protector