Relay for Dewalt spindle

Gotcha - similar to this?

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Hey all, I’m attempting to run the same setup y’all have done here, but on the gcode side of things the M3 S12500 command starts up everything, but then after 1 or 2 seconds, the connection is lost and the spindle turns off.

I’m using Universal GCode Sender using the following settings:

Port: COM4
Baud: 115200
Firmware: GRBL

Any help or direction is appreciated!

I don’t think it’s a G-code problem, just simple electrical stuff, easily fixed.

If I am making an incorrect assumption, please disregard this response, but based on your two photos and the direction that the wires are running it looks to me like you have a Shop Vac (I recognize that tag) and the DeWalt plugged into the Normally Off side of the IoT, which is fine, but that you have connected the PSU/controller to the Normally On side, which won’t work. Try plugging your PSU directly into the wall.

If my assumption is correct, then here is what is happening. The Normally On side turns OFF as soon as the relay is triggered. So if you have the PSU plugged into the Normally On side of the IoT, the IoT is killing the power to the controller as soon as the controller tells the IoT to turn on the spindle. When the power to the controller is interrupted, the IoT resets, immediately restoring power to the controller, which also resets. This all happens fast, so the only thing you will notice is that the spindle starts to wind up, then stops, and the machine stares at you all innocent like.

For my setup, I opened up the IoT and rewired the Normally On side so that it was Always On. This involves soldering in a short jumper wire to bypass the relay so that the Normally On side is only controlled by the switch on the IoT, and not the relay.

Also, consider buying a beefier wire to supply the IoT, and be aware the some people have had trouble overloading the IoT by running one of the larger shopvacs on the same circuit as the DeWalt spindle.

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That was it, thank you ChristopherDahle!

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its not even the same relay as the question…

did you do anything to the g-code set up?

Thanks for the link to this relay outlet. Super easy for anyone.
Just wire a red to the 10v, and a black to ground, them red to + on the relay and black to - . Change your machine settings on Easel to automatic spindle.
I also control my shop vac from it.

Please be aware if you are using a single relay to power both the Dewalt and the Shop vac, there’s a high probability that you are overloading the 12A rating of the relay. Make sure you adhere to the current draw recommended by the relay manufacturer.

You are correct. I assumed he’s referring to the IOT relay considering the phrase “relay outlet” along with the ease of connection.

I’ve personally got two that work great. It’s simple and easy.

I’m using that “PoS” one.
With everything running it’s running about 9.5A. thanks for looking out for people, though.
Still looking for people’s preferred dust shoe option they can make.

I just picked up the IoT Relay and am wondering what pins to connect it to on a gshield (v5b from 2014). Thanks.

This post have enough info for either Relay you want to use. Just scroll up to see options.

I know how to wire the relay. I need to know where the wires go to on the arduino/gshield. Everything is for the x-controller that I do NOT have.

GND to GND ( IoT control -)
D11 to Sig+ ( IoT control +).

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I posted this a couple of years ago:

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Thank you Larry and Erik, I thought this was the right place but needed to be sure.
Need to break out the soldering station and headers and make it so this weekend.

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