Relay Issues

Following the recommendation of the forum, I bought this power relay for my 1000x1000mm xCarve. It first worked like a charm by controlling both the spindle and the vacuum at the same time. I no longer needed to wait around during long carving sessions.

Problems occurred a few days later. My carve often stopped in the mid of a carving session (I wasted a lot of materials because of that). I checked everything. All seemed to be working properly. Then I read this thread by Curtis. I started to realize this is a voltage issue caused by the relay. I changed the RPM of the spindle. It somewhat worked but is not consistent. Then I completely bypassed the relay. Everything worked fine. But now I have to wait around during the carve.

Has anyone run into this same issue? How did you solve it? What type of power relay would you recommend besides the one I mentioned above? Any feedback will be appreciated. Thank you!