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Hi, can anyone tell me which relay switch to get to connect my X controller and water-cooled spindle
there are so many choices DC and DC and different amperage

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If your spindle has a vfd you can don it via the pwm signal directly to the vfd and not need a relay at all… in fact the relay will actually only turn on the vfd, but not start the spindle… so IMO its better to not use an extra component (relay)…

Thank you, Seth
I already have a relay switch set up from the X controller to the VFD and it was working fine to turn the spindle on, the way my set-up is wired is, I turn the X controller VFD and water pump on together with an NVR switch, then the relay switched on the spindle when I clicked send in my Picsender software, but this is not happening anymore and I thought that the relay is at fault, it is SSR-80-DD input 3-32vdc
output 5-60vdc, so I had a look at the Gcode and on the 7th line is S1600M3 which I think is to turn the spindle on, and at the end, there is an M5 to switch it off, so I was going to get another relay switch, I just wanted to know which one, or if the one I have is ok and it is some other problem

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Hmm, IF the RPM is low than that can also cause the 10V output on the PWM thats signaling your relay to also drop low possibly. So maybe try increasing the set RPM to 10,000 because the “S1600” would indicate that the set RPM is only 1,600 which looks to be not enough to trigger the relay.
IF the RPM is set to 10,000 then there will be 10V (Average) across the PWM line and with the 1,600 RPM there will only be 1.6V output (average voltage with PWM signal high/lows) which is below the 3V minimum of your SSR.

IF you do end up replacing the SSR my suggestion is to get one with the heat sink and if you mount it inside of a container make sure to mount it to a metal plate to allow the heat to transfer outside. The only way I’ve seen those fail is from overheating.

Thank’s again Seth,
I was trying again this morning and managed to get it working, I clicked on M05 in the Picsender software and it changed to M03 which started the spindle, and it is now working through the relay as it was before, the relay is on a heat sink, I did try cutting a circle, only 4 inches at 0.02 deep and it was burning the MDF, so I have a problem with the speed like you said, I do not understand why the G-code is S1600
I have set up the Huan Yang VFD to settings I found online as the manual is rubbish, and the frequency lower limit is set at 133.33 = 8000rpm which is set in PD011
I am not sure how to change 1600 to 10000
Thank you for all your help, I do appreciate it

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In Easel, over on the Right side is the Cut Settings Panel and in there is an RPM setting.

There’s also a Default RPM setting Under Machine>Edit Machine that may need edited as well, for future carves. Make sure to save too.

make sure it’s spinning the right direction too. I have the same VFD and the fwd/Rev button is easy to press by mistake :slight_smile: and running it in reverse will definitely burn the material…

Thank you Seth, I don’t use Easel anymore I use Vectric, the last time I logged into Easel to check machine settings it changed a lot of my GRBL settings, and I don’t want that again, I did think about it running in reverse, but it seems to be going forward, it is tough to tell at speed and a quick stop, I will look into that again as that is precisely what it seems like, I have to leave it for a few days now and get on with other things, what is your PD011 set at, also my PD144 is set to 3000, I must have a wrong setting somewhere if it is not spinning in reverse, that is the first thing I will sort out

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Ohh, I gotcha. in Vectric it’s in the tool database.

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