Relay wiring

My husband installed a relay that allows easel to control the spindle. We bought another one to turn on/off the dust control, but it won’t work. Does any have any ideas or wiring diagrams we can use?

What kind of relay do you use currently and what kind do you want to add?

I have two. One is connected to the router to control the auto spindle. I want the second one to turn the dust collection on when the machine is in use,

no need for 2…plug your router and dust collector in the normally off plugs

Router plus shop vac can draw too many amps for a single circuit.

Unless you are doing something special, you would normally want the DeWalt 611 router on the #1 speed setting. The maximum amps for the DeWalt 611 is 7 Amps, but normally it would not draw that much, especially on #1. Normal small dust collection systems or shop vac’s should not pull enough amps to exceed a standard 15A/115Vac circuit.

Obviously, you should play it safe by maintaining the circuit below the stated limit for its breaker.

What dust collection system are you using, and is there anything else on the circuit?


Brandon Parker

just measured with my GREENLEE CM-600 amp meter

dewalt router set on 1= 6.5 amps

5 gallon “Shop-vac” = 7 amps

20 amp circuit breaker

most window AC units exceed that amount… went thru one set of brushes without a hiccup…

Thank you. I am using a Delta dust collector, which uses 7 amps and the Dewan at6.5. The relay is only rated for 12 amps. I found out the 2nd relay I bought was defective so Amazon is sending me another.