Relocating X-Controller

Do I need to use a special or specific wire as extenders to relocate my controller? I plan on using terminal blocks near the machine and putting the controller on a wall a few feet away. Any pitfalls to this plan?

I don’t see any problem extending cables.
Just try to use same gauge wires and use soldered shoes for cables to attach to terminal block for better contact.
Some guys experienced a little voltage drop on extended cables, I don’t know if it’s true statement.
Even if you have that kind of problem, you have to go over all your voltage pods anyway, adjust little higher.

Thanks. I’m not planning on a long move, Maybe 4 or 5 feet. I’ll be sure to put good connectors on everything. Thanks again

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Inventables sells the motor wire you need. Limit switch wire I bought from ebay

Before posting this I did several searches. Shielded wire was mentioned several times but it seemed the context was always when discussing limit switches, which I don’t have. I’ll definitely use it though. I also looked around on Inventables and I guess I missed the wire. I’ll give it another look for sure. Thank you for the help and advice.

It’s under the Electrical -> Wire and Cables section.

Not sure where you’re located but Home Depot sells 18/4 shielded security wire by the foot if you need it in a hurry or on a tighter budget (Inventables is $1.00/ft, HD appears to be like $0.63/ft)

Thank you Phil, and Justin. I’m out of town for another 3 weeks, but I can have all my goodies ordered and waiting on me when I get home.