Reminder to Skim cut your waste board for spring! Lol

I love resurfacing spoil board it’s so satisfying to see everything smoothed again. Though I’ll be replacing today not resurfacing.

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Phil: Can you list your source for the large bit you are using? Please…

Phil, do you have the Harbor Freight Item # for that? The search function on their site $ucks.

they also have a 3 piece set with all flat bits 1/4 1/2 3/4. comes in a hard plastic box.

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I bought this one a few weeks back works great and way faster…

Lol I did more than skim I plugged all the clamp mounting holes with grease coated dowel rods and poured in a layer of resin to fill in all the mistakes and such then skimmed. I did find about a 12x12 spot on the top left had a sag of about 1/16.

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[quote=“DavidYerkes, post:9, topic:36513”]do you have the Harbor Freight Item # for that?

Try 68869 or 46832, but you might be better off going to Amazon to buy your bit.

Thanks X-CNC, agree on Amazon being a good choice also.

Thanks again.

Glad to help David.

CMT makes incredible bits with replaceable cutting edges. Their pricey but those that have used them swear they do a much better job than the cheaper bits.

Check out this thread for more bit suggestions;

I bought this 1" diameter bit from Amazon recently:

Works well for me.

What’s the recommendation for spoil board? Currently I have a piece of pegboard screwed to the Inventables waste board. It’s only 24x30 I think. I don’t want to clip the screws in the corners. I seem to have a slight low spot in the middle of my workspace. Just looking for suggestions to rectify it.

Yeah, if I were a year in, I would probably be less concerned.

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Im new to this but i hve been putting scrap under my work to save my waste board! Is that not a good idea?

Thank you!**

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I move to my new shop, set up the x carve… then it rained. I need to make a new waste board now.

Ha! Resurfacing the waste board goes hand in hand with replacing the 9V battery in the smoke detector mounted on the ceiling directly above it…:sunglasses:

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