Remote start

Hello everyone! Brand spankin new to the forum. In fact I’m still assembling my machine! So excited to get rolling with all the ideas in my head!

My question is regarding the possibility of remote starting my machine at home, from say work. Since I can tap into my Easel account anywhere, is it possible to send a design to my X-carve from anywhere? Similar to a network printer at the office, does the X-carve have the same capabilities?

Thank you!

No, thats a bad idea.

Not a good idea. You need to be in the immediate vicinity of the machine when it starts up and also throughout its run. Or have A N Other in attendance. Crashes do occur so you need to be there to stop everything when there is a problem.

Like this! 90 % through the run the machine went haywire. The router dropped down without warning then moved diagonally at full depth stopping at the burn mark. Another minute would probably have seen it catch fire. I never found out why it did it, but I subsequently cut the final item in Nylon 6 without a single issue.

John Attwell

Although I agree with the others that posted about why this is not safe, to answer your question more directly…no, Easel only connects to a machine physically connected to the PC you’re running it on.
You’d have to set up a remote access with another PC… Many use a raspberry pi for this, but never to remotely run a CNC.


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