Removable enclosure

I don’t normally hear people talk about making an enclosure where the box is easily removed. Essentially, I was wondering what the drawbacks are to simply making a shell that can be placed over the machine and rest on the table without actually screwing it down. My table is made out of 3/4 MDF, so I figured I would make the shell out of the same and add some plexiglass windows. I just need it to contain the dust. The noise is not a factor, but a little reduction won’t hurt anything. I figured this would be easy enough to remove if I need to make adjustments to the machine, and it would be sturdy enough to not move around while the machine was going. If it does move, I can put some pocket holes along the outside and screw it to the table. Am I missing something by taking this approach? It is very possible I have not thought about something important that could cause major issues. Thanks for any input you might have.

Exactly what I did…works perfectly

I made a large box our of Luan, added some R3 pink stuff from Home Depot. After I while added 4 locating pegs to keep in place.

Did you notice a lot of vibration or movement if it wasn’t secured down?

I had one made of square dowel and plastic before I made a dust shoe. I used zip ties to hold it, and never seemed like it was moving. My biggest problem was I had no good place to put it when I didn’t want it on there.
I ended up using it for a couple of spray paint projects and then happily destroyed it.
It did contain the dust, though.

I never thought about using it for painting, as well. Maybe I’ll make another specifically for that. I was just going to get some of those pod led lights to use for lighting. Do you think there would be any clearance issues with something like that? I figured 3-4 would be plenty.

I am in the process of building an enclosure for when I am running the laser on my x carve. I am using sheets of PVC and will be installing some windows made of laser safety plexiglass. My biggest concern besides safety is being able to vacuum out caustic fumes when engraving foam. Nothing fancy… very easy to setup and break down.

Nope. The pegs located it nicely and gravity did its trick