Remove HDPE fuzzies?

Just did my first HDPE carve and it did well. However there are tons of fuzzies that I can’t seem to remove. I carved with a 1/32 bit and tried a brush to remove but no luck. Do I have to take a razor and do it all by hand?

How many flutes on your bit? When I cut HDPE, I use a single flute and get a nice clean cut.

The only single flute I have is a 1/8 from the starter kit. So this was a 2 flute spiral 1/32

With a 2-flute end mill, I was getting enough heating that the HDPE was partially melting, causing the fuzzies. I tried several feed rates and spindle speeds but the only fix was a single flute mill. Others might have a different solution but that’s my $0.02 worth.

I set the dewalt to its slowest setting, which I know is still faster than the default spindle. Bummer I have no single flutes

Guess I just need to go over all edges w a razor. Looking to be a fun night!

I’d be tempted to go to a single-flute downshear myself. Onsruud or the like.

In case you want to get some, try drillman1 on ebay.

Try hitting it lightly with a torch the fuzzies should curl up and fall off or brush off.

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