Removed Post Clarity

Can someone tell me why a post I made yesterday regarding a sale on carving bits on another site was removed from the forum? I don’t believe it violates any forum rules and would like clarity. Thanks.


You should look to these moderators for an answer to your question.

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Thanks. That’s what I’m hoping for.

Pretty sure the fact that ‘the other site’ was Inventables’ direct competitor has something to do with it. :smiling_imp:

I grinned for a moment when I saw it, but all things considered you didn’t really violate any rules that I know of.
I also understand Inventables’ side in this. Maybe they should have sent you a message explaining their point.

Well I got a PM of a disappointing but expected reason which was that it was a competitor’s product/sale. I’m disappointed that the response to a competitor’s sale is to delete the evidence and pretend it doesn’t exist instead of offering up a better one.


Whoever answered with the PM. Thank you.