Removing bits from the Dewalt 611

I have the Dewalt 611 with the 1/8in collet and have had trouble removing the bits. There is a lot of resistance and usually ends up with me using pliers to remove the bit and breaking them in the process. Thanks in advance for any tips and tricks you have with this issue.

Which collet? I have the Elaire collets and have no issues at all.

Are you taking the collet fully OFF of the router? The collet seats and both ends, so when it’s fully torqued down, you will need to release it with the wrench, free-spin the nut until it hits another sticky point, then use the wrench a second time to release the collet fully and let your tool go. :smile:

Not ALWAYS, but I’ve had that happen quite a number of times. Nothing wrong with it, that’s just part of the nature of collets, but can be tricky if you’re not expecting it.

When taking the collet loose do you unscrew it until it becomes tight then put the wrench back on to loosen it more?

Yes. The Dewalt is funny that way.

tried pushing up on the bit with a piece of wood? Sometimes that frees them up.

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Failing all else, you can just remove the collet from the router entirely. :smile:

Been having the same issue with my 1/8" collet from Elaire as well. For me, the nut will come off but the insert is staying in (I’m not sure what caused them to separate as all my other Elaire collets are connected. I’ve been having to use a pair of locking pliers to grip the insert and rotate it a little (with the lock button depressed) to get them out of the router. All my other collets are working fine however. I put a drop of WD-40 on it before I put it in this time to see if it helps.

Sounds like your collet has some how become detached from the eccentric washer that should hold it in the nut? That’s not at all normal behavior.

That’s exactly the problem I been having too. This is the collet i am using.

Ah, then your problem is a fairly simple one. That looks to be a double-seating collet for sure. You need to make sure the collect is snapped into the eccentric washer in the nut. If it comes out with a straight pull (instead of tilting it to the side and pushing it perpendicular to the long axis fairly hard to pop it loose) there’s something not right with your nut and washer and you should contact the manufacturer for sure.

I have the same collet, and just found out that if I push the collet into the nut, it will snap in place. I didn’t realize it would snap into the nut. Once that was pointed out to me, my 1/8" bits slide in and out easily. @ontheEDGE just explained it to me.

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I started working Vectric 3 D just lasmonth on my X carve and I noticed that normally there will be 3 set up where bits are changed:

  1. Rough Cut
    2, Finishing Cut
  2. Cut out
    That means I have to do 3 bit replacement. I am having trouble holding the lockdown button with my left hand and usually my zero setting will move.
    Two questions:
  3. Is there a way to depress the lock button using a special clamp or something?
  4. If I move from my zero setting how can I return to that same position?
    Any help would be highly appreciated…