Removing interior cutlines

I am trying to make a Bowtie inlay out of 2 triangles. I overlap the 2 triangles point on to get the shape. this lets me cut out the hole for the inlay but i need to remove the interior line to keep tje inlay whole when i cut it out

Select both triangles and combine. Ctrl + J or Edit Combine.
Remember to select both triangles

that works, if it doesn’t

bowtie.dxf (7.5 KB)

Thanks… worked like a charm

is there a listing of all these commands


You’re welcome and welcome to the forum,
They don’t have a lot of commands, but if you select Edit it will have the commands and what they do.
You need to have something selected to see most of the commands on the Edit tab.
You need to have 2 items selected to see the combine function
Good Luck
Edit: I forgot about the E key. If you have something selected you can hit the E key and it will show the nodes on the selected object. A window will open up and you can edit the nodes.


there not much more than this

Easel Keyboard Shortcuts – Inventables (

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