Removing unnecessary tool path's

I am cutting out panels to make speaker boxes. To have the speaker sit flush in the panel I have a big circle that is set to clear out a pocket and then a smaller cut out circle that is set to cut inside shape path. How do I get Easel Pro to recognize that it doesn’t need to clear out a pocket for the whole circle and just do the portion starting at the cutout circle?

Hello Leandrew and welcome to the forum,
I think I understand what you’re talking about, I created a circle and sized it to 10", then set the depth to .25. Then I copy and pasted the circle and made that one 8.875" with a depth of zero. Then I pasted another circle and made that one 9" and used the cut to inside line at .75"
Then just center all the circles and move where needed


THANK YOU! Exactly what I needed, so relieved now. I am very new and this was my first post which I worried would be confusing, but you got it.

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