Rendering Application

Hi All,

So I’m thinking to create a web application for generating quality renders for client approval. I have a basic concept working and I used it to generate renders for my website:

Here is an example:

The application will allow you to “map” images or colors to an svg in order to generate the images. So for me I do all of my design work in easel, but for sending approvals to clients, I’ll generate a render.

I’m very much in the alpha stage, but if you’re interested in the application and want to help test it as I progress forward, please let me know.



What about an orthographic perspective that helps show the relief?

At some point I’d like to add that feature, however at this point I’m going to focus primarily on 2d normal views.

I think it sounds great. I would be a gini pig and try it.

Sign me up.

I’d be happy to try this out Ethan!

I will help! thanks Ethan

I’m still new to the process but I’m happy to help

Hey guys, thanks for the interest. I will try and get a link out to those interested in the next week or two.


I’ve sent out a private message to everyone interested with the link.