Repeat finishing pass

This weekend I’m trying carving plexiglass for the first time. I’m cutting simple holes and noticing that after the initial carve is done the edges are slightly rough, but if after the carve finishes I just repeat the same carve then I get a nice clean result. Obviously I’m wasting a lot of time cutting air in the middle of the hole, but that extra once more around the edges seems to really do the trick.

I’m carving 1/4" thick plexi with the 1/4" spiral bit that came with my X-Carve and the Dewalt router set at the slowest speed.

I’m wondering if a new feature of “just repeat the finishing cuts” option either as a feature of the first carve, or as an option on the repeat carve might be useful.

Any thoughts? Or am I just doing it wrong?

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I would love this, especially if it could do a full depth final finishing pass. Even better would be if we could specify a finishing pass thickness to leave for that final pass.

A “finishing pass” option would be a nice luxury.

In the meantime you can set your shape to “outline - inside” and it should give you the same result without having to air-cut the interior pocket of your circles.

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