Repeatedly Breaking Bits

I have been using my X-Carve for several months now, and I am still breaking too many bits. It’s super frustrating.

Today’s broken bit occurred at the end of the carve, one the last letter. That makes me think that it wasn’t related to the cut settings, since all of the other letters were fine. This was with a 1/16" downcut bit.

Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone have any tips?

Here is a picture of the cut:

I just tried to run the cut again, and realized that the bit isn’t spinning!

That is encouraging, though, that there is actually an issue. – So next step is to debug that.

Hi Courtney,

What is the cut length of the 1/16" bit?

Bits tend to break (outside of crashes) due to deflection which wear at the physical properties of the metal used to make them, more and more with every rotation under load, this is due to deflection. Using the shortest possible cut length, OR a stronger bit is the best way to combat this issue.

In this image you can see how there is little deflection at the wider shaft portion but at the base of that wide portion where it tapers down to the thinner cutter area deflection is greater, and this specific point it where the forces are greatest on the thinner section and where breakages tend to occur.

personally, I don’t use under 2mm and I also try to use my 1/4" cut length 2mm whenever possible

I just saw the update…

If the router is not turning on, this is usually caused by worn down brushes. and IF it stopped mid carve that could be the root cause of the actual breakage, but I’ll still leave my previously written message as the info is still applicable and might assist in choosing bits in the future…


Hey Seth,

That is all super helpful information; I appreciate it!!

I will order some new brushes and keep your depth of cut suggestion in mind for next time.

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What are your settings?

I installed the new brushes, and we are back up and running!

Thanks again!

Hi Courtney,
possibly you’re using to long of an end mill for your feeds and speeds.

shorter = stronger, longer = weaker

or I would recommend a tapered end mill as small as 1/32" munch stronger and you would see less breakage if any.

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