Replacement DeWalt router brushes in Perth Western Australia (solved - kinda)

It’s a long-shot I know, but does anyone know where I’d be able to get some replacement brushes for my DeWalt router in Perth, Western Australia. On a Saturday…

I knew they’d need replacing soon, but hadn’t gotten around to ordering them yet, and of course they’ve given up the ghost at 1800 on a Friday night. In the middle of a job. I’ll order a couple of spare sets on ebay, but I really want to get back up and running asap.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the reminder, I should get some spare brushes for my Makita router.

Come to think of it, there was probably a spare set supplied with the router, most Makita tools do. I still have a spare set of brushes that I got with a circular saw 25 years ago, haven’t needed replacing yet.

I even tried 'modifying the brush holder and spring to get an extra millimetre or so out of them, but alas, no joy. Router runs ok, but cannot take any load. It’s done a helluva lot of hours, so I shouldn’t complain (too much).

Half way into (what I consider to be) a really cool project. Will eventually post some pictures and files.

You did use this?


I’d been googling, but I’ll see if that list has anyone.

Ok, I’m back up and running. I got the exact brushes I needed - excepting of course that they were the wrong size, the wires were too short and the connectors were different…

Filed them to size, cut the connectors and some of the wire off the old brushes and soldered them onto the new ones. Works perfectly.

I’m buying the original brushes asap nonetheless…