Replacement for computer?

I’m picking up a year old, but never taken out of the box, X Carve in the next few weeks.

From what I’ve read, it looks like I need to plug my computer into the X Controller via USB. I’d rather not setup my laptop next to a dust creating machine. I’m also a fan of not having a regular computer connected to a CNC machine - I’m sure MS will send me a required update & reboot while running the X Carve at some point.

I’m guessing the X Controller is just a power supply & motor controller, and not a computer. Is there any method to run it from a thumb drive, or send gcode via Arduino? How do you all keep from destroying your computers?

Thanks in advance

You only need a cheap laptop/tablet to run the gcode sender programs - so you could consider them expendable. Dust cover during use is easy to do.
There are other solutions like Rasberry Pi / Linux etc if you are familiar with those.

I use two macs, one iMac 27" that I use for design/gcode generation and store to cloud, then in my workshop I have an old (2009) Macbook which I use to control the CNC. Its connected to Wifi and I can access all files from it.

I have a cheap Dell windows 7 laptop devoted to the x carve. It’s a cheap refurbished one off of amazon reseller. I use airplane mode after the last updates so that I’m not bothered by them.

Some use Rpie, search on google for more info on Rpie with Xcarve

Thanks all.

It looks like Universal Gcode Sender for the Pi is a good option. I have a Pi and screen I can test it out on.

you can also compile an Easel local driver that @SamyKamkar wrote and has the script to compile on gethub. and then use easel to control the machine even remotely from a LAN.