Replacement for the belts?

has anybody ever thought of or even (successfully) tried, to replace the belts with anything other, more accurate and reliable?

about the only thing you can do is go to wider belts

unless you want to do a complete redesign on the machine

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People have done a screw drive system

Will they fit with steppers and pulleys that came with the xcarve?

The steppers will work but you will need to change the pulleys, smooth idlers, and belt clips.

I replaced the X axis with a threaded rod and am planing on replacing the Y axis with Ball screw at some point (Bigger diameter to support longer length)


I have the first generation with the set screws.

I have never found any wider belt clips…if you have access to a 3D printer…I made these that I am using on mine now.

Phil do you have any good leads on vendors that sell the above parts?

Wish my steppers didn’t have the pressed on pulley. I’d already have upgraded to the wider belts.

can you just un-press the pullies? and re-install set screw types?

This post was helpful

I just ordered these and hopefully they are all correct

I still need to have someone print me the belt clips but I cant seem to find anybody local with a 3D printer to do it for me. Anybody on here want to make me one as well as phills laser mount?


Are you still using these belt clips? Any of them break?

Thanks for the .STL

I printed out a set today for my next machine.

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Haven’t had any break yet…I used 5 walls/top/bottom and printed them at 100% infill (they are mostly walls). They work very well. If any break I will reprint them in Makergeek Raptor HD PLA…very tough filament.

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All of them are made with PLA, they are working great.

If you print them use enough perimeters/top and bottom layers to make them solid.

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I replaced the X axis belt only with 9mm GT2, took the original belt tensioners of my SO2 and enlarged the slot to fit this belt, did not break so far.

The X axis performs now as good as the Y axis still on 6mm GT2 belts.

Accuracy is good, on 50mm parts in 3mm plywood I get tolerances below 0.2mm


Wait a minute, am I reading this right? You can replace the x-axis belt with a screw drive for 139? Or is that just for the C Beam?

That is for the C-Beam bundle - C beam, rod, wheels and plate. (new motor is extra)
I had to make new gantry plates to do it, and purchased some new custom plates for the Z axis, though they have recently come out with some stock plates that may do the trick.
I think spent around $250 on the beam stuff (X and Z) and $90 on the plates?

On my mod, I pretty much replaced everything but the y rails. (which I double the length of to 2000mm using the old x-rails) Having belts that long is problematic. I keep breaking them. (I think I am over tightening the belts) If c-beam kits came in longer than 1000mm lengths I would swap them ASAP. But to go to longer lengths you have to go with a thicker ball thread. Which will cost over $350 and require a new set of gantry plates. It is definitely a “must do” for me, but will take me a bit of time to design and fund.