Replacement Router

I have the X-Carve 1000 that came with the Dewalt DW611 router, I’ve replaced it once with the same model and now I need to replace it again. However the DW611 is nowhere in stock. What other routers will fit my X-Carve and that you recommend?

Are you sure you actually need a new router? The brushes on the motor wear out after prolonged use and are very inexpensive / easy to replace. There are some other threads on this forum about it or just google “replace brushes DW611”.

I will give that a try, thank you Tony for that info.

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I have the Brushes on order, hope to get them by the end of the week. Thanks again.

Hope this fixes your problem. If so, I would suggest keeping a couple spare sets of brushes on hand.

Up and running, thank you again for the recommendation. I am now logging my hours of use on the brushes. Do you happen to know the average # of hours the brushes should last?


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Put an old sock over the air intake on the router…your brushes will last much longer.

Do you think the dust from carving reduces brush life?

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Yes. You can’t put anything that will impede air flow, but a dinner is a good idea.

Most seem to report 150-200hrs if kept at speed 1.
Some less, some longer.