Replacement Smart Clamp switch board

The switch on my smart clamp recently failed and the CS folks have sent me a couple of new boards.

The new board is a re-design with 2 switches in parallel, so we will see if this one lasts any longer.

Original on the left and the new one on the right.

For anyone who wants to repair the original the switch used is a Panasonic EVQ-Q2D02W


I was curious on what a smart clamp was and Google came up with this:
The Smart Klamp home circumcision kit

Something tells me this isn’t what you are talking about.

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Well now… there’s a side business I hadn’t thought about for my X-Carve … :thinking:

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True… it would be a bit of a rip off…

OOOoohhhhh… the Carvey has a Smart Clamp for setting material height. I honestly had no idea.

Well, now I know. (The Internet can be a strange and scary place!)