Replacement spindle

I’m currently using the Inventables stock spindle (24V 300W) and it seems OK but I do suspect that it’s not got a great lifespan so I’m considering upgrading it. I’ve looked at the DeWalt options etc. but they are a bit fast and powerful for what I want - least to say very noisy too. I like the idea of a quiet spindle which Inventables sell but being in the UK I get hit very hard for import duty so that option would be very expensive indeed. I’d like to keep it simple so will stick with air cooled motors. The brushless option seems attractive as I assume it’s got a better life expectancy and hopefully quite quiet too. The brushless spindles I’ve looked at on the Internet have quite a rat’s nest of wires coming out of them. Can anyone advise whether it’s possible to connect one of these up without too much knowledge of electronics?
If not, are there any suggestions for a standard DC quiet spindle?

I’m not knowledgeable at all about any of the DC spindles, but I would recommend looking at the Makita RT0701C 1.25 hp router. It is similar to the Dewalt, but it starts at 10K rpm instead of 16K and it much quieter at the lower speeds.

I have both and really like the Makita over the Dewalt. I will use the Dewalt as a traditional router now instead of a spindle for the x-carve.


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Brushless motors are very nice… They last forever (well three years for me) and are much more efficient and quiet. Internally, they are almost the exact opposite layout of a brushed motor; the windings are along the can and the magnets are attached to the rotor. You will also need some sort of speed controller for a brushless motor

Look at Proxxon Professional rotary tool IBS/E .Has max runout 0.001 & brushlees motor only goes 1/8 collets.1/8 motor ,5,000 to 20,000 rpm from jp

Brushless seems the way to go then. Are they complicated to connect up and can I still vary the speed using G-Code?

Found this on eBay

Good speed range, er11 collet but has its own inverter so probably can’t integrate too well with the arduino.

Thoughts anyone?