Report bit position

report hardware and software bit position the same way the gcode sender does.

presently set the x,y position with the gcode sender and record the bit position so I can recover the exact position if the carriage gets moved during bit changes. It would be easier to do this if easel displayed position. Also, the gcode sender has a bug which gets it stuck in millimeters which can be a pain.

as I understand it, homing will reset the mechanical zero, but I still need to know the software zero for the job at hand in order to move the bit back into the zero position previously established.

I don’t wish to pay for the zero device at this time.

Its money well spent.

Homing resets machine zero. My understanding is that work zero is relative to machine zero (i.e. work zero is just an offset from machine coordinates). It shouldn’t reset as long as you don’t power cycle it.


I believe you are correct. However, if while changing the bit, the carriage is moved – yes, this is possible. don’t ask me how I know – easel has no way of knowing and will carve assuming the carriage wasn’t moved.

Yes, I understand that. That was the reason for my question. I tried Ctrl+shift+D as you suggested. That’s exactly what I needed. Thank you.

I suggest that this key sequence be included in the help under the keyboard shortcuts section.

Thanks again.

We’re talking about “Help Guides > Easel Keyboard Shortcuts” right? I read every line and then I did a text search of the page for “machine inspector”, “machine”, and “inspector”, none of which turned up the Ctrl+shift+D sequence.

I know because I moved it. Why things didn’t go as you claim they should, I don’t know. I have noticed a fair amount of idiosyncratic non-repeating behavior which I can’t attribute to a specific cause. For example, he other day I specified the last working zero in the startup process. When I was done with the setup I clicked the start carve button and the carriage took off for parts unknown, i.e. not the last working zero. I’ve repeated (as best I can recall) the same sequence of steps a couple of times since and not gotten that result.

Will do!

I do not understand why people are suggesting using homing and zero device.
I too wanted to see the coordinates that are both mechanical and work positions.
It should not be a hidden feature with ctl-d keys.
Mach3 has it. UGS has it.
Why would Easel not have it.

It can also be accessed via “Machine > Advanced > Machine Inspector” if you forget the key sequence.

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This is the feature request is it not?