Request addition

Received my X-Carve last week in fine order. I am now just having time to start the assembly procedures.

Opened up the boxes. Checked everything and so far it all looks good.

Went to do the first step of inserting the the threaded inserts. That is where I had to stop. Found that ALL the other tools I needed to assemble this were included in the tool kit, BUT the 5mm hex bit to insert the threaded inserts.
What a bummer.

Have the 5mm hex bit coming.

Here is the real question, If you include ALL the other tools to assemble this, why would you not include the one tool that gets this project started??

I’m sure this has been asked before. Sorry for the redundancy if it has.

It just doesn’t make sense.


100% agree. I bought the toolkit, so why wasn’t a sub-$1 part included in it?

Same as you, I went to begin assembly, and immediately had to run out to buy a hex bit. Of course, the big box store didn’t sell single bits, so I had to buy a complete set. Not an auspicious start to my X-Carve journey.

They also recommend using a power drill yet that isn’t included…