REQUEST: Have Inventables bits also listed in Easel

This just seems obvious to me, but I very well could be overlooking something … how come only a select few of the bits from the Inventables store are listed in Easel? I know I can manually enter a bit, but wouldn’t it make sense that all the bits/colors are listed in the pull-down options in Easel?

For example, I am switching to a down-cut bit and only up-cut bits are listed. I’m not experienced enough to know if the machine needs/will respond differently to a down-cut versus an upcut.

And if manually entering the bit suffices, then why have the list in the first place, if only a small list as it is?


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I agree. Either add more or remove unnecessary detail like up or downcut. I worried over this early on and then just ignored ever since.

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No, all they need is a bit size. Upcut, downcut, straight…makes no difference whatsoever to a spinning router given instructions for a CNC.

Also make a 1/4" bit permanent in the dropdown. That’s what I primarily use and have to set that manually every single new easel project. Just plain silly, we use 1/4" collets, so why isn’t a 1/4" bit a default option.

Because the X-Carve is just a toy and not meant to do real work. :wink: