Required Tools for Assembly

I have my 1000mm x 1000mm xcarve here, but I did NOT get the tool set, I have 3 or 4 of every tool I would need I hope, and I wanted to get more actual bits for cutting. Can someone tell me what tools will be required for me to put it together this weekend? I have opted to keep in in my house, since my shop is not always heated, and I have read that the aluminum is very susceptible to expansion and contraction , so I don’t want to have to run in and out all day looking for different tools.

You’re going to need a torx bit/driver (T10, I think) for the thread cutting bits. I’d recommend using a tap as well, I think it’s M5x0.8mm.

Flat and Phillips Screwdrivers
Wireworking tools (stripper, crimper, etc.)
I recommend using ferrules on the wires, which require a ferrule crimper
Metric allen keys
Metric wrenches

That’s a good start.

Thank you! I have not figured out quite yet how to search the forums.

I think the Torx bit required may be a T-25. Also, for adjusting the V wheels during the calibration process I found a ball end type hex (Allen) wrench to be most useful–especially on the cradle for the X axis. The famous stiffening mod to the X axis is worth consideration too.

Good luck with your build. We are here to help.

I plan to stiffen the x-axis, as well as heat shrink tubing mods, and sheath the wiring in para cord. I’m going to build my fold up table first this weekend, then mount my x-carve directly on it. I also opted to skip the waste board in favor of some MDF with t-tracks in it for friction clamps.
This is a great community, and I cannot wait to be a part of it.

Your multimeter will come in handy for confirming that you’ve got all the connections set up correctly, particularly when you’re connecting stuff to the gshield.

Long tweezers are useful. Stuff can be hard to get to, and the M2 stuff is tiny.

A big square (rafter square, something like that) to make sure your machine is square.

Most of all, it would have been hugely useful to go see a machine in person and talk with someone’s who’s already built one. I think I could do the build in half a day for the second time around.

Oh, and mental prep - just go into this thinking that putting together the makerslide is going to be an exercise in pain and misery. It’s awful.