ReReducing cut time on 3D carves

Newbie Thinking out loud about ways to cut 3D machining time, please try not to laugh.
One thought is to run a 3/8 upcut straight bit at high feed speed using a 5mm depth of cut,
Then do a detail cut with a 1/4" upcut at a high feed speed with a 40% step over & 1mm .
Then swap bits and do a second detail cut using a 1/8" bit with a 5% step over.
Any other thoughts?

The thing is the 1/8" bit at 5% will carve everything and MORE away than the 1/4" thus there’s no point at all at running the 1/4" making all time spent with the 1/4" just a waste of time.

IF you want to expedite a 3d carve, the best trick I’ve found is to get that Plunge rate up just as fast as the Feed Rate, and get the Feed rate up as fast as possible too!! (just for the detail pass)

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