Resetting home for a long cut, anyone doing this?

Anyone have experience do a long cut where you have to reset your home as you move the board through. I know it can be done but I can’t think of a solid method. Any thoughts?

I have much recent experience with this using vcarve pro’s “tiling” feature.

Not sure how or if it can be done in easel.

I am working on engraving 8 ’ deckboards I measure it off into 4-24" sections and mark the edges at those points. (indexing marks)

Working from the front left as a 0,0,0 the end of the deck board is is lined up to a mark on the wasteboard.

Vcarve breaks the g code into separate files or “tiles” with slightly different file names.

ie; T1-deckb.gcode or somesuch depending on how you name the file.

You run T1, the spindle returns with a the spindle raised to 0,0,+12.7 mm (in my case)

Reposition the work piece, making sure to line up the indexing marks carefully, and set up and send file T2-deckb.gcode (or whatever) and so on.

As I said I am using vcarve pro and sending with UGS.

I hope this helps,

Thanks for the idea. Yeah, I noticed you were carving long planks.

I haven’t taken the plunge on V-Carve. I’m running a Mac and don’t really want to go in on a PC or run Paralells. It’s annoying that Vectric hasn’t created a Mac version.

Hi Joseph, I’ve just had to do this for the table I made. It’s not too difficult but I was using Fusion 360.

In the first cut I got the machine to drill some reference holes at the ‘far’ end of the work. When that cut was finished I moved the work towards the front of the machine, and then used one of the reference holes as the home position. The other holes I used for squaring the work piece to the X axis.

In Fusion 360 the home position can be set per operation so as long as the settings matched in F360 the cut went well. Did it a couple of times.

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