Resize grid

I am doing signs basically 30"x20", which has been great… When I put in the dimensions of the material the "design grid " would automatically resize… I do not know what I did however the design grid downsized and I can not get it back… Any suggestions?

Click on Machine uper right and when it opens you will see the x and y sizes. Just put in the size you want your grid.

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Thanks for responding Wayne… The issuse is though, I have previously had no issues with it automatically resizing… In the picture I showed, The work piece is 12" x 12", however, the grid is showing 11" x 11"… Another piece I have been doing is 20" x 30", however the grid is still showing 11" x 11".

Mine has never resized automatically. I set the size i want and it stays there.

Looking at what you have said and Inventables as well… I believe I have figured out the problem… I will check it out when I get home from work!! Thanks for your help!!!

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Go to the Machine tab in Easel and type in the size of your X Carve, if you design your work on one computer and carve with another the computer doesn’t know what size X Carve you have.

I got it all squared away… I appreciate your guys help!! Thank you!!!