Resizing circles and center location goes off

Hi I was making a tool holder for 1/4 hex bits. The circles I made where just a bit to small in diameter. I resized them to find the center was now off. So i was unable to open them up?

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The only thing I can think of is that the x,y “0” was not in the same exact spot when you re-ran the program. I am still real new to this so others will have more to say too.

Best of Luck to you

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it would help if you shared the project here

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Both of these were resized using the Linked size and the size resized to 1"x1" However the only setting that I changed was the center dot vs the default lower left dot, which is the Anchor Point of the resizing (and the reference for the X,Y coordinates but that’s not the focus of this post…)

ANOTHER option would be to use Offsetter V2 instead of resizing with the shape tool, BUT for a simple shape like this I wouldn’t use that option, it can get confusing as there’s a tiny bit of math involved and math hurts the brain sometimes…


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