[Resolved] Arduino issue with Windows 8?

I have completed my build and now at the part of Drivers. I have downloaded the Arduino drivers, installed them, and to the point of plugging in the x-carve to my Surface Pro 2 (which has Windows 8.1). But nothing happens at all? I do not see anything try to connect, nothing trying to work, anything. I even turned on machine and see a blue light, but as far as connecting to computer, nothing. :frowning:

Any help please? I would gladly pay someone for thier time in this part, because I am totally lost even what to do and the directions for this part do not even apply to Windows 8. I can do that remote host thing and phone if needed?

I have added photos of all my wiring as I have double checked all this to ensure accuracy.

check device manager and see if the arduino shows up. if it does note the com port number and make sure it matches the cnc software com port. if that does not work try another device windows 8 has some funny quirks to it sometimes.i can do remote desktop if you add me on hangouts. nickcook57gmailcom

I do not see the Arduino anywhere other than my desktop? As far as device manager, I do not see it

How do I add you on hangouts?

check your messages on this forum


Russ, check to make sure that your gShield is mated to the Arduino correctly. I had a similar problem with my setup (although not windows 8).

It’s very easy to plug the gShield in without having it lined up properly. With the USB cable plugged in and the 24 volt power supply turned on you should have the blue led on and three green leds on.

No green leds check gShield alignment and if not that check your stepper motor wiring for loose/bad connections.

I am sorry Larry I am totally lost on this Arduino thing. I see 1 blue light no green lights?

Have you opened Easel in a Chrome browser and run the machine setup?

Fixed, and running! Thanks Nick, you the man!

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this issue has been resolved and it turns out device manager in windows 8.1 does not show arduino… so to find the port you have to use arduino IDE.